How does David’s garden grow. Harvesting.

Compass Child Enrichment Program provides a holistic childcare approach to learning, nurturing, and play.  Scholastic support remains at the center of all our program solutions. Children’s self-confidence and self-awareness is encouraged with a weekly schedule of art lessons, yoga, live music, gardening, etiquette, and world culture.  Parents are encouraged to participate.  Children are taught to recognize a community problem, democratically decide on a solution, and collaborate ways to make their project sustainable within the local community.

Contagious laughter

Compass also provides access to a teacher and artist collaborative that can be inserted into existing daycares, afterschool and summer programs to provide diversity and traditional education support. Cost of services is on a sliding-scale based upon socioeconomic makeup of the partnering  program. Service provides a calendar of activities that can quickly and easily be incorporated into existing and developing programs.

music with David Walton